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Carrotmob Paris à La Bellevilloise


IF If people come to buy drinks and to do party.


THEN La Bellevilloise is committed to investing 100% of its profits in a sustainable and ecological restructuring of its premises.

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06 Apr 2012 06:00PM
07 Apr 2012 05:00AM


La Bellevilloise (Map)
21 Rue Boyer
75020 Paris, France

Organized by Florian Guillaume

La Bellevilloise, espace multiculturel et haut lieu des soirées parisiennes, accueillera le premier Carrotmob de la capitale.
Au programme : concerts et animations tziganes dans une ambiance festive et conviviale jusqu'à l'aube... plus de 1500 personnes attendues !
La Bellevilloise, multicultural mecca of Parisian evenings, will host the first Parisian Carrotmob.
Concerts and events in a gypsy festive and friendly atmosphere until dawn ... more than 1,500 people expected!

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