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June 2011 Campaigns

By Brent Schulkin June 10, 2011

Just a quick note (coming to you live from the Karma Konsum Konferenz in Frankfurt) about a number of Carrotmob campaigns coming up:

June 10th, Neusäß, Germany:

This campaign is going on today, elsewhere in Germany. Good luck to the student team working on this! The focus is energy efficiency. More here.

June 11th, Canberra, Australia: 

A full 100% of revenue is going to energy efficiency upgrades! Looks like quite a turnout, too. More here.

June 17th, Munich:

I will be in Munich for this one, presumably attempting to drink a beer that’s bigger than my head. 90% of sales will go to finance energy efficiency. More here.

June 17th, Brussels:

The second of 3 campaigns happening on this day…100% of revenue goes towards energy efficiency. More here.

June 17th, Paris:

If you want to roll with Carrotmob Paris, you are requested to wear orange. This campaign will focus on getting the business to sell more organic and sustainable products. More here.

June 25, Manchester, New Hampshire:

The first time Manchester had a Carrotmob, the mayor and the governor showed up! Tough to top that, maybe they can get Bono or the Dalai Lama this time around… 100% of profit to energy efficiency. More here.


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