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Big news! Announcing the first ever global Carrotmob campaign

By Brent Schulkin September 10, 2012

THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT BLOG POST WE HAVE EVER WRITTEN! (We considered writing this entire post in all caps, but decided that one sentence was enough to give you the idea.)

Today we are launching the first ever global-scale Carrotmob campaign, focused on the largest business we’ve ever attempted to Carrotmob. For this campaign, instead of showing up in person to a business in your neighborhood, you can participate by buying online, no matter where you live!

Join this campaign and make history!

Here’s the agreement we’ve negotiated: If we spend $150,000 at Thanksgiving Coffee Company, then they will attempt to become the first coffee company in modern times to transport their coffee beans using wind-powered shipping instead of container ships fueled by oil. Thanksgiving Coffee has agreed to embark on this journey if we can help with the costs and demonstrate that there is real demand for wind-transported coffee.

YOU have the power to make this crazy, sustainable vision a reality! All you have to do is buy a bag of delicious coffee online.  

If you’d like to boost your spending amount, you can buy subscriptions to have coffee beans sent directly to you each month. If you’re not a coffee drinker, bring some to work, or buy gift certificates for people you know who will enjoy it!

This campaign is the culmination of years of preparation. Businesses all around the world will be watching to see if Carrotmob is something they need to pay attention to, or not. Our ability to grow this model and influence the largest companies in the world depends on the success of this first campaign. This campaign also has the potential to spark a revolution in the coffee industry. Please buy coffee, and tell your friends!

Make it raaaaaaaaain!!!


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